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Repairs, Maintenance, and Septic Pumping for Sussex, New Brunswick and the Surrounding Communities

If you see liquids pooling around your septic system’s drainfield that cannot be explained by rainfall, or you notice your drains aren’t clearing as quickly as they used to, it may be time to have your septic system checked out. Bart Plaggenborg Septic Services offers 24-hour emergency services to homes and businesses in our service area.

In offering maintenance, repairs, and septic pumping for Sussex, New Brunswick, and all of the surrounding areas, Bart Plaggenborg Septic Services can resolve just about any issue related to a home or business’ septic system. Our pumping services are available to:

RVs and Campers
Car Washes

Typically, a septic tank should be pumped every two to four years in order to prevent septic system failures and backflow issues. Products are available to help rejuvenate and boost the bacteria in your septic tank, as well as help your system last longer.


Call Bart Plaggenborg Septic Services

To get started with your septic system maintenance, call Bart Plaggenborg Septic Services today!


Septic systems can fail as a result of neglect or misuse. Here are some of the most common causes of septic failures: 

  • Improper Placement (Areas of Poor Drainage)

  • Improper Installation (Not up to Septic Codes)

  • Overloading — Using the System Too Much at Peak Intervals

  • Putting Kitchen Grease Down the Drain

  • Flushing Inorganic Matter (Cigarette Butts, Sanitary Napkins, Baby Wipes, etc.)

  • Garbage Disposals — Ground-Up Foods Undigested by Humans are Rough on Septic Systems

  • Water Softeners — Salts and Chemicals Damage Septic Tanks; Dispose into Separate Disposal Area

  • Not Pumping the Tank — A Neglected Septic System Will Fail

  • Tree Roots — Tree Roots Can Clog Pipes

So long as a septic system is installed properly and maintained by a professional, it should not fail. Although it is widely recommended that every septic system should be pumped every two to four years, we recommend asking our team what your ideal pumping schedule should be.

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